Short Bio

Esther Akoth is more than just your typical musician. Born and bread in the Lakeside city of Kisumu, she is quite possibly one of the most eclectic musicians of our age. She moved to Mombasa in search of a better life where she got involved in a lot of business pursuits that saw her setup a slew of business interests as evidenced  in Akothee Safaris a flourishing Tours and Travel Company and Morning Star Diani, an establishment that seeks to provide 5 star accommodation at 3 star rates. 

Akothee even in her success as a Business woman, still felt that she hadn’t done enough to exhaust her talents and abilities in so far as music was concerned, her one true love. She comes from a musical family and the  musical spirit resonates quite strongly, and this has inevitably led her into the music scene with emotive hits such as Nimechoka, Pashe and Katika. 

She brings into the industry a distinctive refreshing African beat that we can all sing along and dance to. So lets hit the dance floor shall we!?

Find attached her profile in pdf.

Esther Okoth